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New School Uniform Arrives

New School Uniform Arrives

Some of the children at the newly opened Busumbala Nursery School now have their brand new uniforms. Take a look at the photos and video below.

One of the photos shows a Busumbala girl and her mum. Since the school opened, mum has been volunteering at the school as a cleaner. You can see her at work in one of our earlier videos.Unfortunately, mum has not been able to afford the school fees and the cost of the uniform. Because she has been so kind with her time and has supported the school from the start, ‘Building Futures in The Gambia’ has paid for the little girl’s school fees and uniforms.

We have other pupils who come from families who also have difficulties raising the money to pay for school fees and uniforms. If you’re interested in helping to support some of our pupils then please look out for a post in the near future.

We’re currently working out how much it would cost to put a pupil in Busumbala Nursery School for the school year starting in September 2021.

Thank you to Uncle Lamin Barrow for the photos and video.

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