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Lamin’s Peanut Farm

Lamin’s Peanut Farm

When he’s not being a taxi driver or running the Gambian side of ‘Building Futures in The Gambia’, Lamin Barrow is growing peanuts and rice in his home village of Sankandi. Times are very hard in The Gambia and Lamin is doing this to provide a more sustainable and regular income for his family.

The video shows Lamin collecting some of his peanut crop. It looks like hard work.

Gardening is a very important part of the Gambian school curriculum. The children need to develop the skills required to grow food because, in their future, it is one way in which they can support their own family either by selling it or eating it.

Help us keep Busumbala Nursery School open. Help us give the children of Busumbala Village an education and a brighter future.

Here are the ways you can donate to us. Don’t forget to select Gift Aid; we get an extra 25% from the government.

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