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Journey to Janjanbureh

Journey to Janjanbureh

Charity Trustees Mark Chidler and Pete Kendrick, along with charity supporters Mark Holland and Helen Chidler, undertook this journey to Janjanbureh in July 2019. They were accompanied, of course, by ever reliable taxi driver, guide and BFiG charity representative Lamin Barrow. The above photo of the Stone Circles was taken on that journey.

Ne┼ża from Slovenia also did the same journey. You could read her account at and watch a short video by clicking on the Youtube link below.

Many people visit The Gambia but never go past Banjul or Serrekunda or nearby tourist stops. If you want to see the real Gambia – the heart of The Gambia – a journey up country is needed. See past the tourist areas and take a look at what the real Gambia looks like.

Charity Trustees Mark Chidler and Peter Kendrick (and Mark and Helen, I suspect) have a mission to, one day, travel all the way up country to the very tip where it borders Senegal. One day…

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