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Ebrima and Caring4Mobility

Ebrima and Caring4Mobility

Here’s a little success story which has come about due to the opening of Busumbala Nursery School. This is the story of one of our newest pupils.

This is little Ebrima. As you can see from the photos, he has a disability which makes it extremely difficult for him to walk without the use of a frame. Unfortunately, his current walking frame is of very poor quality and is not really fit for purpose.

Ebrima had registered to attend Busumbala Nursery School. Unfortunately, he lives approximately a kilometre from school and, because there is no transport available, he had only attended school on a couple of days. The sheer effort of walking to school with his frame was far too much for him. This also meant that, whilst his siblings were able to attend our new school regularly, he would be left home alone with no-one to play with.

‘Building Futures in The Gambia’ Project Manager Uncle Lamin Barrow reached out to us in England and asked us if there was anything we might be able to do. Having no experience in these area, we decided to put a post in several Gambian Facebook groups to see if anyone might be able to offer support. Within a matter of minutes, there were several replies to the post which stated that a charity called ‘Caring4Mobility’ may be able to help little Ebrima. Not only that, but a lady called Brigitte Nandi who represents that charity and is currently living in The Gambia contacted us directly.

As it says on the Caring4Mobility website at, the Caring4Mobility charity…

“lends medical equipment to children and adults such as: wheelchairs, various types of crutches, walking sticks, canes, rollators, chairs, walking frames, toilet chairs etc. We try to find the most suitable medical equipement for our client. We deliver them to their homes, adjust it for them and provide instructions how to use it safely. In some cases we provide physiotherapy or occupational therapy.”

After a brief chat with us here at BFiG, Brigitte immediately contacted Uncle Lamin and arranged a home visit for Ebrima on Saturday 24th April 2021. The outcome of this visit can be seen in these photos.

Ebrima has been given (on long term loan) two frames to support his movement around home and school and a wheelchair to help him get to school. Brigitte was careful to stress that the wheelchair is only to be used for long journeys. Use of the frames must carry on to help him build up strength in his legs. Caring4Mobility are also considering the use of a tricycle to help him further build up strength in his legs.

Take a look at him using some of his equipment for the very first time.

Special thanks must go to Uncle Lamin for drawing our attention to little Ebrima. And also a big thank you to those on Facebook who replied so quickly to our initial post.

Huge thanks must go to Brigitte and Caring4Mobility for responding so quickly to our call for help. The quality of Ebrima’s life has now improved tremendously because of their kind support and actions.

Caring4Mobility is a charity. It only exists because of donations of equipment and money. Please take a look around their website. If there are any ways in which you feel you may be able to support them then please contact them. Find their website at:-

You can also find them on Facebook at:-

Big thanks to Ebrima’s family for giving us permission to use all photos and videos on this page.

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