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At the end of April, I shared the story of a little Gambian boy called Ebrima who wanted to attend our newly opened Busumbala Nursery School in The Gambia. However, he was unable to attend school on a regular basis due to a walking disability and a very poor quality walking frame.

The ‘caring4mobility C4M The Gambia’ charity reached out to BFiG and offered a home visit to Ebrima. This visit resulted in Ebrima being long term loaned a wheel chair as well as two walking frames designed to help him develop the muscles in his legs. He has since been able to attend school regularly as well as being more mobile in his home compound. You can read more about that story at

On the 17th May 2021, C4M once again visited Ebrima and presented him with a tricycle which will make his journey to school even easier and also develop his leg muscles.Ebrima and his family were SO happy.

Special thanks must go to Uncle Lamin for drawing our attention to little Ebrima. And also a big thank you to those on Facebook who replied so quickly to our initial post.

Huge thanks must go to Brigitte and Caring4Mobility for responding so quickly to our call for help. The quality of Ebrima’s life has now improved tremendously because of their kind support and actions.

Caring4Mobility is a charity. It only exists because of donations of equipment and money. Please take a look around their website. If there are any ways in which you feel you may be able to support them then please contact them. Find their website at:-

You can also find them on Facebook at:-

Big thanks to Ebrima’s family for giving us permission to use all photos and videos on this page.

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