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Busumbala Nursery School is Open – Day 2

Busumbala Nursery School is Open – Day 2

Uncle Lamin Barrow has sent us a few more photos and some video of the children at work and play in the newly opened Busumbala Nursery School.

We have more children in class today. Now that word is spreading that the school has opened, we should see an increase in pupil numbers. We’re still awaiting news on how much the Busumbala Village Development Committee will be charging as a termly school fee. To register a place costs 50 dalasi (that’s around 80p).

We’re already aware of one family with three children who have been able to pay the registration fees but may not be able to afford the termly fees. The solution to this problem is sponsorship. Look out for more news regarding this in the future.

In the mean time, we’re still thinking about simple resources for the school. Lamin has already said we need brushes, brooms, buckets and containers for water. You can see why water containers are so important by taking a look at the photo of one of our toilet cubicles below.

We’re still thinking about trees for the school grounds. Trees cost around 500-600 dalasi (from six to eight pounds) each. Trees will also need protection from sheep and spray to protect the leaves from insects. This means that a single tree should cost around £10.

If you’d like to support us with any of the above issues or with the completion of classroom 3 then you can find donation details in the blog entry at

Look out for more news soon.

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